Job Opportunity - Self-Management Specialist

The Self-Management Specialist will work as part of a team delivering a D&G LGBT Plus region-wide capacity building project, working with LGBT plus people and those with long term medical conditions, their carers, families and the agencies that exist to support them.

Scottish Government Consultation - Consultation on proposals for reviewing the current landlord registration fee structure and expanding the range of prescribed information applicants must provide to local authorities.

Evidence suggests that the current application process is not robust enough to ensure that all landlords understand and comply with their legal responsibilities. The consultation therefore seeks views on proposals to ask for additional information about compliance with legal duties relating to letting houses. Landlord registration application fees have not increased since 2006, and so they do not reflect the additional work or increased costs to local authorities of administering landlord registration within an expanding private rented sector. The consultation also seeks views on amending the current fee structure to ensure that fees are proportionate and reasonable to the authorisation process undertaken by local authorities.

Scottish Government Consultation - on a new Enterprise Agency for the South of Scotland

In June of 2017, the Scottish Government confirmed that they would create a new enterprise agency for the South of Scotland. This agency will operate in two local authority areas: the Scottish Borders, and Dumfries and Galloway. It will focus on the needs of the area, driving inclusive growth, supporting communities and capitalising on people and resources.

Scottish Government - Early Learning and Childcare Service Model for 2020: Consultation Paper

In order to ensure that the funded early learning and childcare entitlement is delivered in high quality settings the Scottish Government will introduce a new, and more progressive, service model in 2020. This will be built on a Funding Follows the Child approach, a key aspect of which will be a ‘National Standard’ that all providers wishing to deliver the funded entitlement will have to meet.

Scottish Government Consultation - Increasing the Employment of Disabled People in the Public Sector

This document sets out the Scottish Government's on-going commitment to support disabled people into sustainable and fair work, as well as to stay in work if their disability or health issues become worse. It focusses specifically on what more can be done to support more disabled people into work in the public sector. But it will also touch on related issues, such as recruitment processes, and what further actions are needed to help close the disability employment gap. 

Scottish Government Consultation - Protection of Vulnerable Groups and the Disclosure of Criminal Information

The Scottish Government seeks your views on the proposal for the reform to the disclosure regime in Scotland. The aim is for respondents to focus on what changes are required to make disclosure of criminal convictions fit for the 21st century.  Some changes that may be identified might be better pursued through non-legislative means.  Others may require to be looked at in terms of wider Scottish Government policy.