Integration Support Team publish 2018 – 2020 Workplan

Workplan developed by the IST to help support the third sector in delivering integration over the next two years.

The ALLIANCE’s Integration Support Team (IST) have worked with Evaluation Support Scotland and a group of key stakeholders to develop a flexible and responsive workplan for 2018 – 2020 which aims to meet the demands colleagues in the Third Sector face in delivering the integration agenda over the next two years.

LGBTI Inclusive Education Working Group Report

Report of the working group's recommendations to the Scottish Ministers.These recommendations represent efforts to embed approaches to tackling prejudice towards LGBTI young people throughout the education system.

Scottish Household Survey Data Comic (Inequality) 2017

Based on Scottish Household Survey 2017, this data comic focuses on inequalities in neighbourhood rating, internet access, cultural attendance, physical activity, access to green and blue space, communities and household finances in Scotland.

Scottish Government Research Project - To Explore the Relationship Between the Food Environment and the Planning System

Research responding to the question 'How can the planning system best support the creation of an improved food environment in Scotland?' The research report includes: a literature review; a review of national policy, guidance and relevant legislation across Scotland and England; identification of planning policies and guidance seeking to control the food environment; and a review of relevant applications and appeal decisions. The area in the vicinity of schools is a particular focus.

Support in the Right Direction (SIRD) report

The full Support in the Right Direction (SIRD) report has now been published. The report presents key findings from an external review of independent information and support services funded by the Scottish Government.


Change Map for Self-directed Support

Scottish Government commissioned research into the ongoing national monitoring and evaluation of self-directed support (SDS).  As part of that research stakeholders were invited to become involved in work around the theory of Change.  This Change Map was developed. We are using the map as part of the work to develop a new implementation plan as a means of understanding what needs to change; what is currently working well; what needs to change and who is best placed to do it.

Scottish Government Consultation - The Continuing Care (Scotland) Amendment Order 2019

Section 67 of The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 inserts a new section 26A into the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 in relation to continuing care.

Continuing care is defined in new section 26A(4) of the 1995 Act as meaning the same accommodation and other assistance as was being provided for the eligible person by the local authority, immediately before the person ceased to be looked after.

Continuing care reflects the philosophy of care set out in the Scottish Government’s ‘Staying Put-Scotland’ guidance of October 2013. This stressed the importance of encouraging and enabling young people who are looked after to remain in safe, supported environments until they are better ready to make the transition into independent living.

Scottish Government Consultation - on Young Carer Grant Regulations

The Scottish Government is consulting on the development of the policy and regulations for the Young Carer Grant, a new benefit which will be delivered by Social Security Scotland. The grant will provide a £300 one-off payment, which can be applied for annually for young carers aged 16-17 (and 18 if still at school) with significant caring responsibilities. The Young Carer Grant aims to provide some  financial support during a key transition period in young carers’ lives to help improve their health and education outcomes as they move into the adult world.

Volunteer for the MoonWalk Scotland

Are you a dedicated and organised person, passionate about helping others?  Come and join the Circus and volunteer at the MoonWalk Scotland on Saturday 8th June 2019 from Holyrood Park. Come one, come all and join with thousands of women and men walking an overnight marathon in decorated bras, raising millions for breast cancer at the Greatest Show on Earth!

We recruit thousands of volunteers to make The MoonWalk a safe and enjoyable event, looking after our walkers at busy crossings, keeping them hydrated and above all given the encouragement they need to complete their tremendous challenges.

You could start your Saturday night spectacular in MoonWalk City, by joining one of 24 different teams from around 5pm through to midnight – from litter picking to selling merchandise, registering baggage to handing out volunteer uniforms!