Scottish Government strategy for our veterans

The Strategy for our veterans sets the principles and aims to continue to support older veterans and establishes the right conditions that will empower and support the newer generation and their wider community. This strategy applies across the spectrum of the Veterans demographic groups.

Scottish Government Consultation- The Continuing Care (Scotland) Amendment Order 2019

Section 67 of The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 inserts a new section 26A into the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 in relation to continuing care.

Continuing care is defined in new section 26A(4) of the 1995 Act as meaning the same accommodation and other assistance as was being provided for the eligible person by the local authority, immediately before the person ceased to be looked after.

Continuing care reflects the philosophy of care set out in the Scottish Government’s ‘Staying Put-Scotland’ guidance of October 2013. This stressed the importance of encouraging and enabling young people who are looked after to remain in safe, supported environments until they are better ready to make the transition into independent living.

The Scottish Government are delivering their policy intention, as stated during development of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 Act, of increasing the higher age limit for persons eligible for continuing care on an annual basis until the duty to provide continuing care extends from 16 to 21 years of age.

Skills Development Scotland - Individual Training Account funding is now closed

Individual Training Accounts offer targeted funding which focuses funds on those actively seeking employment and those who are currently in low paid work and looking to progress. The scheme was designed with the Scottish Government’s Labour Market Strategy in mind and aims to support employability and better contribute to the economy. 

Volunteering Trends in Scotland

To better understand the volunteering landscape in Scotland, Volunteering Scotland have completed a longitudinal analysis of the Scottish Household Survey (SHS) from 2007 – 2017.

Volunteering, Health & Wellbeing

To understand the contribution of volunteering to volunteers’ health and wellbeing Volunteer Scotland have undertaken a critical appraisal of the evidence.

Their findings raise important questions for policy and practice. Improved mental and physical health and reduced social isolation and loneliness are top of the Government’s policy agenda. Volunteer Scotlands' research has highlighted the important role which volunteering can play in helping to address these policy areas for the benefit of people across Scotland.

Volunteering can also contribute to enhanced community wellbeing through improved social integration and cohesion. Finally, there are important lessons for volunteering practice in terms of understanding possible impacts of volunteering on volunteers’ health and wellbeing – both positive and negative.  

Best Start Grant (BSG) Pregnancy and Baby Payment to start soon!

The Social Security Scotland will begin accepting applications for the Best Start Grant (BSG) Pregnancy and Baby Payment from 10 December 2018. The Agency will be taking applications via it’s freephone helpline on 0800 182 2222, by post or online at 

This means the first payments of this new benefit will be made before Christmas 2018.

The BSG Pregnancy and Baby Payment will replace and expand on the current Sure Start Maternity Grant (SSMG) in Scotland, supporting families on low incomes with the costs of having a child. The BSG forms part of a programme of Scottish Government measures targeted at children’s early years with the aim of tackling inequality, supporting parents, improving health outcomes and raising attainment. When

New Social Security Chamber

On the 22nd November 2018 the new Social Security Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland was created to hear appeals against decisions by Social Security Scotland about certain devolved social security benefits.

The Best Start Grant Pregnancy and Baby Grant will be the first appealable Scottish benefit to be introduced by Social Security Scotland. Responsibility for other benefits will transfer and for those where an independent appeal is available, applications will be made to the Social Security Chamber.