Maximum Available: £40,000

The Culture and Business Fund Scotland (CBFS) is funded by the Scottish Government through Creative Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland and is managed by Arts & Business Scotland.

This fund has evolved from Arts & Business Scotland's New Arts Sponsorship Grant (NASG), which has invested over £7.5 million over the course of the last decade. CBFS has a new heritage strand and will also allow projects to continue receiving funding throughout their second and third years.

2017 marks the official year of History, Heritage and Archaeology for Scotland. Widening the funding scope to include support for the heritage sector is therefore timely. The hope is that this new heritage strand will attract new applications ranging from archaeology to historic buildings whilst taking in intangible heritage, green spaces, libraries and museums.

This fund has the following objectives:

  • To encourage business sponsorship of Scottish based arts and heritage activity.
  • To entice back businesses that have not sponsored the arts and heritage in the last two years.
  • To support arts and heritage organisations to build new business sector partnerships.
  • To attract non-Scottish based companies to sponsor Scottish arts and heritage activities.
  • To encourage businesses to sponsor Scottish arts and heritage activities with a commitment of two and three years.

An arts or heritage organisation may receive match funding worth between £1,000 and £40,000 in any one financial year (between 1 April and 31 March).

A business or business unit may receive funding worth up to £40,000 of additional sponsorship benefits against their investment within one or more arts and heritage organisations in the first financial year of application.

During the fund's inaugural year, the Scottish Government will provide £300,000 through Creative Scotland, whilst Historic Environment Scotland will contribute £36,000 towards developing and raising awareness of the fund throughout the heritage sector.

This fund was launched 3 April 2017 and the application process will go live during April/May 2017. Applications may be completed and submitted through the Culture Business Fund website. Interested parties may download the form to view in advance, completing the numbered stages.

Upon completing the application, applicants should attach the following:

  • The Declaration, which should be signed and dated by both parties involved.
  • A signed, dated sponsorship agreement.
  • A budget that shows all income and expenditure.
  • The arts or heritage organisation's child protection policy, if applicable.

Completed application forms should be submitted at least three months before and no more than nine months before the sponsored activity and match-funding activity starts, before the assessment may commence.

Fast-track applications for funding worth between £1,000 and £3,000 should be submitted and considered two months prior to the start date of sponsored and match-funded activities.

For further details and applications, please visit: