They plan to develop recommendations and priorities for the future of neurological services, based on the voice of people with lived experience of these conditions. They are therefore using a number of ways to capture that voice, ensuring we understand the experiences of people with neurological conditions accessing services and their shared priorities. In order to do this, a mixed methods approach is being taken in order to get a breadth and depth of views. A review of existing information about experiences of accessing neurological services has been undertaken, a number of focus groups held and now a survey is being launched (this link will take you away from our website). 


Broad themes emerged from the initial research that address systemic challenges people face in accessing the services that they need and many of the reports begun to suggest how people would like the system to respond to these challenges. Therefore, with each ‘emergent theme’, this report captures ‘aspirations’ for improved neurological services and for how the system could change to suit their needs and improve their care.

The survey is based on the themes emergent from the research and following the focus groups further themes were included.

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