'Furniture Project' becomes 'Community Reuse Shop' - update to email and website

After our recent move to our brand new premises in Fountain Way, Stranraer (Next door to the Council Recycling Centre) we have also updated our email addresses to reflect the change of trading name from the Furniture Project to the Community Reuse Shop. Our new email address is our first name followed by @reuseshop.org.uk.  for example Paul's new email address is paul@reuseshop.org.uk.  You will also get Alan, Charles, Kyle or Jackie using the same process.

In addition we are about to launch a new website, which will be online as of the 1st December 2017.  This is www.reuseshop.org.uk.  It will provide information to donors and customers about how to donate and buy from us, what people can donate and buy, as we are expanding to include an array or goods that can be reused. From paint, building materials to bikes and electrical appliances.  We have introduced a new carbon calculator to demonstrate how you can save carbon by donating goods and buying the same goods from us.

If you have enquiry you can contact us on the telephone, by email or on Facebook at Community Reuseshop and we would be delighted to help as usual.

Paul Smith
Project Manager

Tel; 01776 707375. Mobile; 07841070329.
Email: paul@reuseshop.org.uk.
Website; www.reuseshop.org.uk